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Elizabeth Owens, Organizing Coach

Organizational Coach and Consultant

Empowering You to Make Sense of Your Stuff

If You've Ever Said...

"I've tried so many times to get this space organized."

"I feel like I spend all my time picking up."

"I can't ever find what I'm looking for."

"I'm too embarrassed for anyone to see this."

"I don't feel relaxed or calm in my space."


...Call Me.

When you can't enter through your entryway, or work in your workshop, or craft in your craftroom, something has to been done. Spaces that are overwhelming, overcluttered, and overstuffed drain you physically and emotionally. This isn't about throwing away all your stuff or putting everything in matching rainbow bins. My goal is to help you transform your space into a place that feels good and works for you.

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