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Your living space should a three-dimensional representation of yourself. Whether that means a library chock full of books, a living room with clear surfaces, or a closet you can actually walk into. I will work with you on whatever space (or spaces) sap your energy and leave you overwhelmed. I have helped clients with everything from sorting boxes of family photos and memorabilia to dealing with entire storage spaces. Take a look at some of the Befores and Afters below and then let me know what space of yours I can help with!

Back Porch


Over time, this porch had become a storage space for gardening tools, boxes, and seasonal items. The client and I worked to purge items she no longer needed, organize what was left, and create a calm and comfortable space for her to drink a cup of coffee or entertain guests.




This workshop space was so full of tools and project supplies that the client didn't have room to actually do any work on projects! We were able to sort and purge and reorganize to get his space to the point where he could find what he needed to use the space the way he wanted to,


Closet #1

This client had a closet that just wasn't working for her. Hanging clothes were supposed to go on the top rack, but because she couldn't reach it without a stool, they often ended up on the bottom rack with the shoes and bags and sweaters. She found a few items to donate as we sorted her clothes, but this was more about rearranging the space into a system that actually worked for her.


Closet #2


This client couldn't walk into her closet when we started. By the time we'd finished, she'd done a major clothing purge and grouped the remaining clothes and items in a way that made sense to her routines (and left the floor clear for her to walk on).


Seasonal Items

Holiday decorations can be a tough thing to deal with! This client and I sorted all of her decorations, purged the items she no longer used, and put everything back in the attic with items for each season stored together in clearly-labeled areas that are now easy to find and access.




This church library needed help making sense of the haphazard accumulation of books that had piled up in their library over the years. We went through massive stacks of books, donated a bunch, and organized the remaining ones by topic. Now they know what they have and where it is!


Basement #1


This client was overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with the basement at her parents' house. Decades of family treasures and memories were in boxes and piles with old papers, bags of scrap fabric, and lots of spiders. We sorted it all, leaving her with a manageable number of important and sentimental items.


Basement #2


This client had moved into a new house and needed help with all the boxes and items that had accumulated in the basement. We worked together to figure out what was important to his life in the new place and what it was time to let go of. By the time we were done, he had a manageable list of projects, items that were important to him, and, most important, a basement floor he could see!

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